10 Pakistani celebrity transformations that will give you hope for yourself! Celebs

Do you still have those moments where you cringe to a whole new level each time you return to those ugly childhood photos of yours? because I do. But its okay, everybody has those days. Even celebrities. We’ve recently seen quite a few Pakistani celebrity glow ups surfacing social media, people were, like always, in awe of the transformations. So, we’ve gathered a few glow ups of Pakistani celebrities that’ll for sure leave you enthralled.

Farhan Saeed 

The ‘suno chanda’ actor and singer went through a major transformation!

Feroze Khan 

GUYS! take notes please.

Humayun Saeed 

Itna difference nai hai.

Atif Aslam 

Atif Aslam may look like a rock star to you now, but guys, he went through this phase too… Don’t forget.

Imran Abbas 

I mean… WOW

Zahid Ahmed 

From uncle Zahid to Young Zahid? ye tou ulti transformation ho gaye.

Urwa Hocane

I remember seeing this transformation picture a while ago. She was pretty before, She is still pretty now. We believe she upped her fashion game a little.

Sadaf Kanwal

OMG. How?

Maya Ali 

Good yaar. mujhay bhe aisi transformation chahiye.

Momina Mustehsan 

Tips to note down:  Dye your hair, stop wearing kajal.

Betcha cant just read one