10 Shows to Binge-Watch if You Miss ‘ Friends’ Blog Buffet

Your 90’s best friend, the hit sitcom “Friends”, has been given a new life and definitely a new generation of fans with its relaunch on Netflix. In 2016, New York magazine argued that “Friends” may still be the most popular television show du to this release. I don’t doubt their assertion, because this show is like a cup of coffee on a snowy night or an ice cube melting on your skin in the summer. If you’re one of those smarties who’s already seen the show and have supported the core six as their traverse the pathways of life, then read on! Why? Cause I’m giving you a list of shows that will give you the cozy feeling that came with Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross and even Monica.

How I Met Your Mother

This show has  uncanny parallels with “Friends”-Lily is the mom of the group like Monica, Ted has hundreds of failed relationships before he gets together with Robin like Ross and Barney has abandonment issues like Chandler. On the other hand, it’s less problematic, funnier and has more running gags. It’s like the adult version of the show you know and love as it replaces “Central Perk” with a bar.

Two and a Half Men

I’m sure that Charlie and Alan’s characters have been based on Chandler and Ross. Firstly, their dressing is wildly similar. Secondly, Charlie has  the same commitment issues and emotionally unavailable like Chan Chan. Simultaneously, he is also financially the most stable character helping his divorced brother stay in his house rent-free. Furthermore, Alan’s sensitivity, dad-mode and unnecessary spitting out off jargon returns all the hilarious boredom that Ross induces with his facts about dinosaur. If you’re still not convinced then, Alan also has a son from the divorce like Ben and his wife also has an experimental lapse romantically after they separate.

Modern Family

Featuring the beautiful and funny Sofia Vergara alongside Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, this show tells the story of a disastrous yet accommodating family. It’s shot in documentary style, therefore, it catches all the awkward slip ups and panic attacks that accompany parenting, teenage and family get togethers.

30 Rock

With Tina Fey starring as Liz Lemon, “30 Rock” is based on the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes of SNL. Monica-esque, nervous yet determined, Liz has to cope with the trial and errors that come with the new, mental star Tracy Jordan. Like Mon, she also struggles to strike a balance between the egos of other and her own while following her creative and romantic passions.

Gilmore Girls

If you’re going to pick a show from this list, pick “Gilmore Girls”. Its small town, cozy and nosy environment and cartoony neighbours hearken back to the warmth and craziness of “Friends”. The show features an unbreakable mother-daughter duo as the two chicas discover love and self-actualization. Breaking away from her parents’ elitism, Lorelai finds freedom and independence like Rachel as she finds refuge in Stars Hollow. Simultaneously, she’s challenged with the daunting task of raising her daughter-sometimes alone but mostly with the help of Luke, her true love.

2 Broke Girls

If you want to see what would happen if silver spooned Rachel and street thug Phoebe were paired in a show as waitresses, then look no further. “2 Broke Girls” features the friendship between business savvy Caroline and street-smart Max, who strive to earn their dream of becoming rich and baking cupcakes or cronuts (cupcakes plus donuts).

The Big Bang Theory

TBBT brings you the same comfort and hilarity but with an even more awkward little group of nerds (and one poor socialite). I think I speak for everyone when I say that Sheldon’s a gift and a curse in this universe. His OCD and germaphobia combines with intellectual snobbery and social inadequacy to create a fantastic caricature. Simultaneously, he goes head-to-head with his roommate Lennard, an adorable physicist, who introduces a food and pop culture loving gang into his quietened apartment.

Cougar Town

Want to know what Mon did after the show ended? Head over to “Cougar Town”, a show produced by Courtney Cox. It takes you on her search for love, as a divorced mother in her 40’s , amidst a beauty-obsessed culture.


You know where Joey went after the show’s finale? To Hollywood, of course. The loveable but ditzy Joey Tribbiani  sets his eyes on stardom as he becomes the focal point of an official spinoff called “Joey”. The show also features one of his sisters and a socially awkward but smart nephew. Bonus: On the show Joey also addresses “the Rachel situation”.


No one’s surprised that “Friends’ is also on the list. After all, nothing matches the unbreakable love and nosy affection that these characters have for one another. So, without shame, hop on to Netflix and eat snacks like Joey would!