10 signs that show you are in a committed relationship with Chai Mashup

Dragging your feet out of bed with absolutely no motivation to go to work, you know there’s only one thing that’s going fuel your energy and that’s CHAI. So you go to the kitchen, take out a pan and get to work. Moments later, there it is: the familiar smell of piping hot tea that somehow has the power to comfort you. And that my friend is the characteristic relationship-status-chai-lover behavior and here are the following signs that indicate this.

1. Tea is your cure to literally everything

“It’s like a hug in cup” if that doesn’t show you that you’re a chai lover then I don’t know what will.


2. You don’t care what season it is. It’s always tea weather for you.

Chai tou chai hai beshak bahir agg baras rahi hai.


3. Starting the day without a cup of tea? You’d rather stay in bed

Just like a car needs petrol to run, you run on chai to do tasks.


4. People who don’t like tea are like your Arch enemies

How can one not like tea? Instantly ‘un-friend’ those losers!


5. You Can’t Handle It When Someone Says There’s No More Tea

Seems like it’s the end of the world.


6. While your friends order versions of can’t-even-pronounce-the-freaking-name-venti latte-chino, your order is a simple, straightforward karak chai.

Ye log zyada he angraiz ban’nay ki koshish krtay hain



Biscuits are the perfect partner for a cup of steaming tea


8. The only partner you crave during Rain

A rainy day, breezy winds and that perfectly brewed cup = absolute bliss!


9. Somehow, gossip never seems scandalous unless served with a side of tea.

You slurp down the steamingly delicious tea along with the interesting secrets unveiled before you.


10. Chai becomes medicinal

Whenever that headache pops up, you know just the cure- a cup of tea. “sir me dard ho rahi hai, shaam ki chai nai pee na issi liye”


Chai is something we all run on, not just as individuals, but as a nation. comment down below if you’ve felt these ‘symptoms’ too.