10 things about Donuts we bet you didn’t know! Mashup

Donuts are a natural crowd pleaser. They’re soft, sweet and chewy, what more could we possibly want? So it comes as no surprise that the donut gods (which we suspect are people with access to the internet) have made November 5th National Donuts Day.

As much as we love these tasty treats, how much do we actually know about our favorite fried dough? Kluchit has put together 6 must know facts about donuts that you should know by now. So grab a jelly filled treat, lay back and become an expert donut connoisseur.



1. Boston (USA)  has the most donut shops in the world. 250 in total. That’s a donut shop round every corner. Damn!


2. They were fed to American soldiers in WW1. The injured were fed fried dough. Not bad eh?


3. A type of doughnut is even mentioned in the Bible. Specifically, Chapter 7 and verse 12 of Leviticus says that a thanksgiving to God should be made of “cakes mingled with oil, of fine flour, fried.


4. A glazed doughnut has about 240 calories, of which 120 are from fat. A Krispy Kreme raspberry jam-filled doughnut has about 300 calories, and a Krispy Kreme chocolate iced doughnut has about 350 calories.


5. The origin of the name “doughnut” is uncertain. Some researchers suggest the name refers to the nuts that were placed inside the ball of dough to compensate for the uncooked center. Other researchers claim it refers to “dough knots,” which was the shape for early doughnuts.


6. You can spell them as both “Donuts” and “Doughnuts”. “Donut” was actually popularized by the famous company “Dunkin Donuts”. But who cares as long as we get a donut!


7. Dunkin Donuts was actually names “Open Kettle”. Back in 1950, that is.


8. The world’s most expensive donut is made of 24k edible gold, edible diamonds, and aged chocolate balsamic vinegar. The remaining ingredients are top secret. They sell for $100 per piece.


9. The longest line of donuts ever recorded stretched 1,841 feet 10 inches in Berlin on April 27, 201.4


10. Americans eat A LOT of donuts. Like a lot. Over 10 billion a year kind of a lot.


Don’t know about you but we are definitely craving one now!


Kluchit Staff
Fatima Qureshi