10 times you’ve been bistified by your amma! What's Happening Now!

Do you remember those times when you wake up feeling great, those moments when you feel like today is the day you’re going to shine but then you accidentally bump into your mother who is in a mood and decides that today is the day you need to get your baistified.

Here are 10 ways amma makes your baisti complete

1. When you go to college all dressed up

And you sneakily try to creep past your mother but all efforts go in vain when she starts eyeing you suspiciously from head to toe “kidhr jaa rahi ho itna tyaar hokr?” implying that maybe I’m off to a date with some non-existent boy.


2. When aunties give you money

And you’re confused about whether or not you should take the money over your mother’s loud breathing and constant death stares. Your amma doesn’t even need words to complete your baisti.


3.When you do a smokey eye for a wedding

You feel all confident and model like but then your mother sees you and the next thing you know its raining hell “ ye kya churail ban kr aa gaye ho, jao jaa kr mou dhou”


4.The “tum koi kaam kiun nai karti”dialogue

When you’re laying down and your mom says “kbhe koi kaam kiya bhe hai tumnay sara din mareezon ki tarhaan pari rehti ho” and then when you go and do something and its not according to her way then MORE BAISTI “ issay behtar tha tum na he karti”. SEND. HELP.


5.Blaming the poor cellphone for everything

“maa pait me dard ho rahi hai” “mobile kam use kiya karo na”

“maa meray say nai shirt iron ho rahi” “mobile ki dunya say bahir niklo tou na”


6.When you’ve been studying for hours

And the moment you pick up your phone Amma walks in “Pata tha mujhe, isse manhoos me busy ho ge, kbhe parhaii tou ki nai hai”


7.Watching a movie on TV

Right when a kissing scene comes on, your amma decides to walk in “ ye kya beghairti dekh rahi ho?”


8.When you’ve been home all day, but decided to go out at night

“ami me doston k saath bahir jaa raha hon” and your hear her screaming from afar “ab ghar bahir gaye tou waapis tashreef mat lana ghar”

giphy (1)

9.when you ask your ami for money

“tumharay baap ki paisay ki factory nai hai jo har dosray din aa jaatay ho paisay maangnay”


10. Emotionally blackmailing

“ahmed dahi la dou market say” and if you accidently say “uff” the next few days will be hell for you “apni maa ko uff bolta hai, koi sharam haya hai?”

Whatever the case may be, Ma tou Ma hoti hai. Its her way of showing you how much she loves you even though her words may stab a thousand little knives into your heart.


Lalarukh Khan
Betcha can’t just read one