10 Types Of Brown Guys You’ll Meet In Every University Blog Buffet

In university, you meet a lot of new people, and about half of them will be guys. On your first day, you find unfamiliar faces around you. After finding a seat, you’ll find different kind of guys around you, i-e;- a guy with brown hair & blue eyes, one playing game on his laptop, one staring at you and checking out your classmates as well. It can be interesting finding different guys as well as cringy. Take a moment to read and see, if you have ever met such a guy in your university or not.

1:- Pondibaaz

     One who checks out every girl of your university whether, she is from junior year or senior year. This kind of guy always has a new crush every week. He has dated half of the girls from university. He doesn’t believes in labels, never want to be seen with his girl in public.

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2:- Mr. Adventurous

    This is the guy who can’t sit in a chair more than 10 minutes. He’ll talk about how he travelled Pakistan all alone on a bike or how he saved a girl from get robbed. It’s entertaining to hear his fascinating stories. This type guy escape whenever they get a chance to. And they are quite passionate about travelling.

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3:- Nerd

You will always find him in library or lost in his course books. The one who reminds the professor of the quiz which he eventually forgets to take but such kind of guys never let that happen. He is the topper of your class and whole class hates him because of his reminders.


4:- The Sweetheart

     Believe me or not, there are always great guys out there as well. He has a generous heart and would do anything for his friends. He’ll help you in your assignments, projects and anything you just name it. Such kind of guys are everyone’s favourite but, hard to find.


5: Showoff

     The guy who showoff everything. Whether, it’s his new car, phone and shoes etc. he loves to impress people around him and think of himself as if his father owns the world. They brag about their things as if it’s their own invention and love to grab everyone’s attention.


6:- Mr. Know it all

    One who thinks that he knows everything. Even if you ask somebody else about something out of nowhere he will jump into your conversation. Will pretend how perfectly he knows about everything but, in reality, he knows nothing.


7:-  The Guy Obessed With Workout

When he isn’t pumping iron, he is drinking a protein shake. And he will probably hit on you if you are doing squats. He isn’t on an athletic team but he makes up for it in the bench press

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8:- The Friend

He’s super nice, makes you smile every time you see him. You probably met him in class or maybe you met through a mutual friend. There are no feelings between you two. Being just friends with a boy is definitely possible.


9;- The Brick Wall

It’s hard to know his feelings. He wants to be honest and open up with his friends but, its hard to communicate with him. He can sit with you for hours without speaking a word. Its like as if his thoughts and emotions are hidden behind a brick wall.


10:- The Wannabe

One who has a really fake English accent. His conversation is incomplete without the F*** word because he thinks it makes him look cool. He has those blonde highlights in his hair and a tattoo on his forearm.


Nudrat Iqhlaq

Nudrat Ikhlaq
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