10 Types Of Girls You See On Bakra Eid Blog Buffet / What's Happening Now!

Eid ul Azha is just around the corner. Every year Muslims around the globe celebrate their religious festival with great enthusiasm and sacrifice their beloved animals in the name of Allah. Sasta Bakra aur Qasai dhundna bhi ek talent hai!!! You’ll surely find one of these types of girls in your family or social circle.

1:-  One who wants to live with the Bakra  for every single moment.

Yeh kitne cute hain.


2:-  The girl who is planning which booti will be perfect for which dish.

       Gol Bootiyon ke Seekh kabab aur Barre Gosht ka hunter beef…

3:-  One who prefers to eat chicken on Bakra Eid


4:- Emotional One

      Mjh se Qurbani nahi dekhai jae gi.


5:-  She has just started to praise herself for perfect make up….

aur Bhai aa kar kahe

6:- Burger one always doing snapchat with her bakra.

     Pout Karo


7:-  Loves to throw BBQ Party


8:-  The girl who thinks she’ll puke because of the smell.

Uff kitni smell hai.

9:-  One who keeps on washing her hands after every hour because she thinks her hands still stink.

      Weham ka ilaj toh hakeem Suleiman k pass bhi nahi.


10:- Lahori friend who finally gets to eat Bakre ka Gosht.

Nudrat Iqhlaq

Kluchit Staff
Nudrat Ikhlaq