3 Best Makeup alternatives!! Beauty

For girls like us, makeup is never enough but in times of need a few of our beauty products play the role of another. Just to let you guys know we have found our three best makeup alternatives…. Tadaa!!

  • Highlighting from Essence eye shadow:
    Essence eye shadow in white is one of the best alternatives if you do not own a highlighter! We love how it highlights the cheek bones just so perfectly!
  • Contouring by MUA Whipped Cream Bronzer:
    If you do not have a contour kit yet, trust us even the Whipped Velvet Bronze from Makeup Academy would do!
  • Lipstick as and in Blush on:
    If you are tired of applying the same old powder blush and want to try out new techniques, DO NOT GO OUT TO BUY NEW PRODUCTS because your lipstick shades in pinks, oranges and peaches can do wonders!

Contributed by: Mahnoor Ahmed.