3 Peshawari dishes you need to try before you die! Mashup

They say,”Peshawar is the city of flowers”. Well I think it should be like Peshawar is the city of desi foods. I know what you are thinking that NO DUDE that’s Lahore!! And maybe you are right because I think that Peshawar cannot be compared to Lahore when it comes to desi food, but still, Peshawar is Peshawar!!!

To begin with, there is this local shop in Qissa Khwani bazaar that sells the best (I mean it) Mutton Karahi and AMAZING salted barbequed tikkas you will ever eat anywhere. My father introduced us to it first since he is the biggest meat eater. It is drenched in oil but all the calories are worth it (at least that’s what I think). If you visit Peshawar ever PLEASE give it a try!! It is local but it is BEST (all the meat goodness, yummy)

Then there is this another local place that sells “DUM PUKHT”. Though the name is quite common but we bet most of you never even had the original dish. Again, it is a mutton dish. Selected cuts of mutton are slow cooked in its own fat along with just onion and potatoes. The end product has a very natural meaty aroma to it, the way a mutton dish should be. Though we strongly suggest everyone to try it but guess not everyone can handle it.


The next specialty is Chapli Kebab of course! It’s a sin if you come to Peshawar and not have chapli kababs … it is sort of a very common street food here,  but we found the best one near ring road. UMAR KABABI… it serves best scrumptious, spicy and juicy chapli kebabs with fresh naans (I’m drooling) that you keep on wanting more and more.