5 Healthy Alternatives to French Fries Food / K-recipes

Team Kluchit has found the perfect solution to gratify your junk-food cravings. Say hi to these five extremely healthy but totally addictive alternatives to french fries! These nutritious, homemade substitutes are easier to make and are totally guilt-free. Bon appetit!!


The best healthy swap for those oily, deep fried potatoes is none other than baked sweet potato chips. Packed with vitamin A, protein and fiber; they are a sweeter substitute but absolutely delectable. Watch how to make them here:


Crisp, super tasty and oil free, baked tortilla chips will become your best friend when you are trying to get fit and fabulous but those pesky cravings just won’t go away. We bet that this easy recipe is something you will make again and again – and again!! See how to make it below:


Called “Turai/Ghiya” in Urdu, Zucchini might not be the most favorite vegetable for many, but just one bite of this mouth-watering and appetizing recipe will make your mouth go “Omnomnom” and your tummy “Ahhhh”. Check out the amazing recipe for Zucchini fries below:


We Pakistanis love spicy chickpea chat and now it’s time to extend that love with crunchy, tender and delicious chickpea fries! This innovative savory treat should be your on must-make list. Plus, it’s totally healthy. Happy munching!!


Since childhood, we all have been hearing how terrific carrots are for both, the eyes and the skin. After sweet potato, carrots are yet another substitute for fries. Hearty and crunchy like potatoes, partner them up with spicy ketchup and your body will thank you for this awesomeness!! See how to make them here:

Try these out and tell us how you liked them!! Stay tuned to Kluchit.com for more healthy recipes.

Contributed by: Team Kluchit.

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