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If we ask a million people in Pakistan to suggest the most boring metropolitan in Pakistan, Islamabad would be the obvious and immediate choice. That’s how much of a stereotype it has become. Lahoris and Karachites look down upon Islamabad as the mediocre choice when it comes to spending quality time in Pakistan. However, my opinion is a totally different one. I see Islamabad as the most beautiful, enchanting and enlivening metropolitan in Pakistan and have solid reasons to back it up. Here’s my list of the top 5 reasons why Islamabad is NOT a boring place.

They say Pakistanis love food, I say they live for it. Food is, hands down, the most spent on leisure activity in Pakistan. The biggest misconception about Islamabad is that there is no good food to eat; however, the ground realities are quite different. Who doesn’t agree that Savour Foods is one of the best Pullao outlets in Pakistan? Both the pocket and the tummy loves savour foods. Same is the case with Haleem Ghar. Other than that, Rivaj, Tayto, Café rooftop, Zefras Lounge, Tuscany Courtyard, Entourage, Highland Country Club, Chaye Khana and Des Pardes are top notch eateries in Islamabad, just to name a few. You just need to know where to eat. Sure you won’t get the Laxmi Chowks (Lahore) and the Waheed Kebab Houses (Karachi) but you sure get some great, executive class food with a blend of the best Desi food in Islamabad.

A huge chunk of Pakistanis love sports and it is their favourite past time activity. Islamabad is the home to Pakistan’s national sports complex which provides almost all of the sports related services to the citizens of Islamabad. Also, there are more than 5 high class Horse Riding Clubs, Several Hiking Trails, Executive Class Golf Clubs, Fishing at Rawal Lake, Mountain Biking (Margalla Hills) and many new adventure clubs that make Islamabad a great place for a sportsman or a sports lover.

We love music like anything don’t we? Amidst the busiest of routines that we have, music is a great source of relaxation and recreation. Also, a lot of people are passionate musicians and music followers. For them, Islamabad is a highly under-rated yet sophisticated place to be. Underground bands’ performances, Gigs, concerts and Ghazal nights are a regular happening in the amazing blend of elite and middle class audiences of Islamabad. The most famous places include Kuch Khaas, Open Air Theatre at Shakkar Pariyan which is also mostly the main venue for large scale concerts; Lok Virsa, Aqs, Mini Golf Course at Bahria Town and Pak China Friendship Centre for high end, elite class concerts and gatherings. Again, there’s much happening at Islamabad, you just need to know where it happens and how you can be a part of it.

Scenic Landscape
Is there a more beautiful metropolitan in the world? I highly doubt. Things tend to get a bit dull and boring amidst the roaring traffic and towering buildings. However, Islamabad provides a view unlike any and yes, that too, in the middle of the city. Curvy roads, rainy weather and the roads seeming to be running into the mountains are unforgettable sights for the citizens and the visitors alike. Islamabad also has immense beauty in places like lok virsa and Shakkar Pariyan and also there are numerous parks in Islamabad with the backdrop of mountains or lush green thick forests,(not to forget the Faisal Mosque) which makes them great sites for photography and picnics. What’s more enthralling and exciting than natural beauty, eh?

Places to Visit
From shopping to hanging out to eating to partying to site seeing, Islamabad has it all. Malls like Centaurus and Safa Gold Mall provide excellent shopping facilities with lots of something for everyone. To hang out with friends and family, again, there are numerous places in and around Islamabad like Lok Virsa, Saidpur Village, Daman e Koh, Pir Sohawa, Monal, Lake view Park, Fatima Jinnah Park (to name a few).

We all know that a huge chunk of the Elite class of Pakistan lives in Islamabad that makes places like f-9 and e-11 the hubs and trendsetters of the party scene across Pakistan.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of places that provide scenic beauty and also make great visiting spots like the hiking trails of Margalla Hills, Monal, Murree, Neelwhan Valley and even places like the Neelum Valley, Muzaffarabad and Naran Khaghan are not too far if planning for a vacation. To be honest Islamabad gives a great access to the best tourist spots in Pakistan.

I hope to have taken you some way forward in convincing how and why Islamabad is a great place to be. In some areas we can’t compare Islamabad to the older cities however, only the weather of Islamabad beats all other reasons to be there.

After all, sometimes, quality does beat quantity,

Zain Abbas Butt is a student of Mass Media Communication and an avid traveler. He is the Editor Travel for kluchit.com

Fahim is a kluchit member


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