5 Sumptuous Nutella Recipes Anybody Can Make Food / K-recipes

Below we have rounded up some insanely effortless Nutella recipes for you. Don’t forget to thank Team Kluchit later. Happy munching!!


If you are crazy about classic chocolate brownies, then you are bound to fall in love with Nutella brownies even more. Indulge in this cracked, perfectly gooey treat and you will feel like you are in seventh heaven for sure.


Feel like having some chocolate cake? Too lazy to bake one for yourself? Then fix your craving with a simple, one-off Nutella lava mug cake. Rich, intense and super chocolaty, this instant, one-mug dark dessert is a delicious way to satisfy a sweet tooth. The best part is that its preparation time is less than five minutes.


These velvety, yummy and silky Nutella Popsicles are a culinary must for all Nutella fans. When the blistering summer heat is being unbearable, this 2-ingredient sweet and satisfying treat is guaranteed to refresh you. Plus, you don’t need a Popsicle machine for it. Get those handy Popsicle stands from your nearest market and you are good to go!!


Kick start your morning with a dose of Nutella for breakfast. This Nutella loaded French toast is like a dream come true for every chocolate lover. Now say goodbye to missing breakfast and say hello to more Nutellaaaaa!!


Soft, nutty and chewy with rich, creamy chocolate hazelnut lava in the center – you just can not have enough of this divine delicacy. Devour them oven-hot and fresh with a cup of coffee or tea, and they taste totally out-of-this-world.


Contributed by: Team Kluchit.

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