5 Travellers to Follow on Instagram and Why Travel Blogs

The best part about travelling diaries on social media is that you can relive a journey through them even if you weren’t there in the first place. Travelling is all about tales and experiences and well, pictures. If you’re keen on knowing about other’s experiences or you’re the “I will explore it when I know about it” type, there are certain entities which are bound to make your insta feed colorful.

1. Daniel Kordan

This traveller not only knows how to explore but does justice to his photography too. His travel tales have breathtaking landscape shots and with this guy, even a mug of coffee looks like a museum mug. With his on point shooting skills, Daniel will make you want to catch the next plane to travel

2. Brooke Saward

With her account, World of Wanderlust, Brooke’s life is no less than what her account name suggests. This lady loves to travel and just cannot stay in one place for a long period of time. So, if you need to have a glimpse of the entire world, one instagram story at a time, Brooke’s your girl!

3. Kiersten

Kierstan appears on instagram with the username, “The Blonde Abroad” and it goes well with her adventurous and fun loving personality. She’s a young traveller let lose who will never fail to make you smile with her happy go lucky pictures!

4. Gary Arndt

Gary is known by many and as his instagram profile; “everythingeverywhere” suggests, he literally has been everywhere and has done everything we as travellers can only dream to do. What we yearn for, is this guy’s reality. He is a CBS podcast host who has travelled to over 110 countries and all 7 continents. (Wow, we’ve lost count already!)

 5. Michael Christopher Brown

He’s not only a traveller, but a traveller with a motive. He travels to countries like China and Libya for National Geographic and captures extremely powerful images. This one’s a must follow!

Kluchit Staff

Ayesha Muzaffar