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We all know them. We’ve all talked to them. And, in some ways, we love them. No, really. We do. Why else would we answer their texts if we didn’t enjoy it at least a *little* bit? For those of you who are currently living under a rock and have no idea what I’m talking about. A f*kboy is “A guy that’s still so immature that he thinks with what’s in his pants rather than with his head or heart which results in him enjoying playing many girls. Who thinks that they are the shit when they aren’t. basically, they are the type of guys who lie when they say I love you.’

Oh, and before one of you male species who reads this goes, “But not all men…” please be quite. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequent kinds you either have encountered or will in the future and how you can cautiously swerve them.

1. The Classic F*kboy

Ugh, the Classic. “I’m not a f*kboy,” he says, while texting three girls at the same time and snapping shirtless post-workout selfies to three more. A word of advice for all of you girls out there, please steer clear of them as fast as you can because to be honest they are an expert in pulling you in, and not letting you escape.  Trust me, I know. He’ll talk to you for a few days and then wait like six months to talk to you again.

How to avoid: GIRL you’re BETTER than him. Beat him at his own game. That’ll teach him the lesson. Also block him from everywhere, that really hurts their ego. (let’s be honest we all love doing that)


2. The Social Media Guy

This is the type of guy that has 192830847 followers of Instagram ( oh and they’re mostly girls) he posts shirtless pictures with cheesy captions that in his perspective is ‘cool’ All he ever does is message you on social media, either exclusively Snapchat (which is preferred) or DMing you. He is also the type of guy that’ll get mad because you didn’t “like” or “comment” on his picture.

How to avoid: You can either leave HIM on read, just ignore him, or block him. Either way, he’ll get the picture.


3. The one that suddenly has a girlfriend the minute you reject him

God, this type of f*ckboy makes me laugh. They’ll spend day and night sending you messages declaring their love for you until you say “Sorry, you’re not my type” to which they’ll be quick to reply “Oh that’s alright, I have a girlfriend” they are also the type of guy that’ll continue to send you shirtless pictures on Snapchat irrespective of the fact that they have a girl friend.

How to avoid them: *Boii BYE! * Girls don’t even let him profess his “fake” love for you.


4. The one that spends way too much time on their appearance.

These ones are really easy to spot. They’ll probably spend 2 hours on their hair ( spiky hair smothered by a ton of hair gel) wear tight clothes ie skinny jeans and half sleeved t shirt specifically to show their *non existent* muscles. Also, they’ll post videos of themselves *Dancing* or *lip syncing* to rap music because again that makes them “COOL”

How to avoid them: The minute he posts those videos, make fun of him then say Good bye.

5. The Ex boyfriend

Don’t beat yourself over this, it happens to the best of us. Somehow long after you’ve stopped talking to them, the minute they text back with “miss you” you start contemplating in your mind whether you should get back together. You guys hang for a bit, and then he decides he’s “not ready” to get back together, talking about some super small problem the two of you had while you were dating as the reason. Meanwhile, you’re upset you let yourself think he’d changed.

How to avoid: When you break up, see about getting your phone number changed, or block him. Even if you ended on alright terms, at least delete his number. That way, when he texts you, you can be like “Who dis?” and you won’t feel guilty.


Whatever the case may be, f*kboys suck. That’s the truth. They stop talking to you, 6 months later you’ll receive a text from them “Just thought I should text you because you needed someone to talk to” like ok, sure. Please kick them to curb and never bring them back into your life. They literally suck the life out of you. honestly, is it THAT hard to be a decent human being? Apparently, it is.


Lalarukh Khan
Betcha’ can’t stop at one!