5 ways to make your wedding heels more comfortable Fashion

If you’re getting hitched soon, then brides I have an exciting news for you (*Sigh of relief*). Say your final bye to foot pain and those cramps that last for 2 to 3 days because we have found you these 6 simple yet unique tips to make your wedding heels more comfortable forever. Follow these super-duper tricks & wear your wedding heels like a BOSS!


1. Never wear your heels for the first time on wedding day!

Thori si practice pehle hi kar lein… xD

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2. Use Deodorant

The best way to avoid chafed feet.

3. Use moleskin or cotton flannel with adhesive backing.

Saniplast Zindabad


4. Tape your Toes

Tape your 3rd and 4th toe together to reduce the pain while wearing heels.


5 Tennis Ball Trick

Rolling a tennis ball under your foot will massage your foot and reduce pain.


6. Shoe inserts or gel insoles are your best friend from today.

You can walk like a pro on your big day!!


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