6 almost dead fashion trends still alive today!! Fashion / What's Trendin

“Mom what were you thinking?” is the only statement we remember which came out of our mouths whenever we saw old photographs of clothing items our mommies used to wear. Who knew we will be religiously following those very same fashion trends in the future? Lately, we have seen that a lot of styles from the past have been trending nationally and internationally in the world of fashion. Here is a list of 6 “Blast from the Past” fashion trends:

  • Ruffles: The bubbly look is back in town. Go get your hands on some ruffle shirts or dresses before the rest of your gang does.
  • Boot-cut Pants: Who would have thought that we would be wearing boot-cut pants with long western shirts? Yes!! Our local designers have once again revived the fashion of the boot-cut and it is tremendously trending in Pakistan.
  • White Kicks: It was only yesterday when these were just a part of our uniforms and now as we all can see, white kicks are on the top of everybody’s trend list.
  • Cotton Jackets: After the very formal net gowns that were so into fashion back in 2015, we have seen the formal look transform into a very chic street-style look. Yes, cotton jackets are a must-have for this season.
  • Mules: The time has come where you go and dig some mules in your mother’s closet since mules can be your new statement shoes.
  • Cold Shoulder: Bell sleeves, quarter sleeves, cap sleeves, half sleeves, are you not bored of all these trends? Well, this is the reason why all the top designers have come up with the off-the-shoulder silhouette trend this season. Go and check out how you can pull it off with both eastern and western wear.


Contributed by: Team Kluchit.