6 Incredibly Annoying People You Find In Every Cinema Blog Buffet / What's Happening Now!

So, as soon as your read the title one thing immediately pops into your mind and that’s “People who talk while watching” I mean yeah, its true, but that’s a general description from a very wide spectrum of annoying people. We compiled a list of irritating people that you always stumble across each time you visit the theatre.

The questioner

whether it’s someone you brought like a friend or a family member, or whether it’s a total stranger sitting next you who believes that they can only understand the movie if it is being reiterated by you. At that point, you start contemplating about whether you should jump from a bridge or not.


The one who comes in late

Please refrain from doing so. Just because your crouching down, trying your best to slowly make your way your seat does not mean you’re not blocking the screen and well annoying everyone.


The Texter

Apparently, the people who are sitting in the Cinemas are confused about which screen to look at: the one that’s playing the movie (DUH) or the ONE that’s displaying their texts. If you’re here to watch a movie then PLEASE watch it.


The Noisy Slurper

I’m about *this close* to doing something very, very unpleasant. Put the drink DOWN.


The person who ACTUALLY Answers their Phone when it RINGS

My patience is wearing thin at this point. Why you gotta do that?


The commentator

The Commentator is that person who fills in all the lines outside of the story world. They are basically another form of the “questioner” type except they become the narrator. “ab ye actor ye karay ga, dekhna ab ye washroom jaye ga”


I feel sorry for you if you meet that one irritating person who possesses all of these qualities, and I’ma so very  sorry to inform you, your movie experience will go to sh*t along with your money.

Betcha’ can’t stop at one!