6 Perfect Visa-Free unique destinations for your honeymoon! Travel

After all fussy wedding events, you need not stress over visa and where to go for your honeymoon. For your convenience I’ve curated few beautiful yet visa free honeymoon destinations for newly weds! (you’re welcome). Grab your passport and hop onto next flight to make fresh new memories of a new start.

1. Maldives

One of the most popular tourist attractions, Maldives needs not to be introduced. This heavenly place has so much fun to offer such as snorkelling, sea-food, diving and surfing etc.


2. Seychelles

Paradise on earth, perfect beachy waves and breeze. Seychelles has so much to offer such as hiking, water and land sports, romantic candle light dinner with your better half by sea.


3. Jamaica

An island in Caribbean. Jamaica’s mesmerizing Dunn’s river fall is a must visit. Climb up the falls for a memorable experience. Must try its national food Ackee and salt-fish. While on your trip you can enjoy hiking, fishing, golfing, horse-riding, swimming, jet-skiing and camping etc.


4. Cook Islands

Known as the ‘best kept secret’ in the Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands make for a perfect hideout. You’ll be awestruck by its natural beauty and warm habitat!. Not many people know about this place. 


5. Kenya

Wildlife explorers out there. Kenya is the best place for you guys to be there. You’ll come across some unavoidable culture of Kenya. Look for soapstone carvings and Kenya’s handicrafts. Take-up safaris and observe wildlife.


6. Madagascar

If not for it blue waters, sandy beaches and lush green fields, then definitely for the cute lemurs!. Madagascar has a lot to offer kite and windsurfing, kayaking, deep sea fishing and wildlife tour.

A7P2M1 Madagascar, Eastern coast, Sainte Marie Island (Nosy Boraha), the pass to the small island of ile aux nattes

Nudrat Ikhlaq

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