7 Skincare Mistakes That Are Actually Making Your Acne Worse Skin care

Are you tired of getting acne even after you’ve tried everything and splurged on the most expensive products ever? Little do we know what we have some habits that are a helping hand in letting the zits pop out!  Here are the most common skincare mistakes when caring for acne-prone skin:

1. Dabbing acne medication on pimples only

Mistake: Where acne medications speed up the healing of existing pimples, they also prevent new pimples. However, the common mistake we make while applying medication is that we apply it on the spot only.

Correction: The correct way is to apply a thin layer of medication over the entire area where peoples are prone to occur. Medication containing Benzoyl will help in killing bacteria.

2. Inconsistent use of acne medication

Mistake: Guilty of doing the same, we just forget about medication after a while, or if we apply it twice or thrice a week. Similarly over-applying the medication can irritate and damage the skin, resulting in redness and overdrying. Pimples won’t really heal any faster as our skin can only absorb or utilize a certain amount of the product’s active ingredients, regardless of how many times you apply it.

Correction: The correct way is to apply the medication two to three times a day consistently as acne medication works from up to 6 to 8 hours.

3. Drying out your skin in an attempt to control acne and oil.

Mistake: Using harsh soap can actually strip sebum from your skin, as sebum helps give skin its flexibility and pliability. Without sebum, your  skin can crack and the skin can lose its barrier function resulting in the increase of infection and irritation.

Correction:  use a mild cleanser  followed by a not-too-drying acne solution containing a low percentage  benzoyl peroxide and  salicylic acid.

4. Not rinsing well enough when washing your face

Mistake: Rinsing removes dirt and oil along with suds. However if the soap isn’t completely rinsed away, it can cause irritation resulting in acne.

Correction: Make sure all the soap is completely off.

5. Roughly cleansing acne-prone skin.

Mistake: Using coarse or abrasive products can actually cause you to breakout more. Similarly, where scrubbing is important, over scrubbing and using harsh scrubs can irritate your skin and make it harder for acne to clear and heal.

Correction:  Using a gentle exfoliator is the key to a better skin  if you think you can get too rough with your hands,  try an exfoliating brush, which works to clean pores without irritating your skin.

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6. Squeezing pimples

Mistake: Popping at pimples can spread infection, making it worse, resulting in scarring.

Correction: Use acne medication and never ever ever touch them/it.

 7. Not using moisturizer if your skin is oily.

Mistake: It’s a common mistake we make by thinking that a moisturizer will make skin more oily. After washing face, your skin’s relatively dry. All cleansers, even water, eliminate some level of moisture. Using a moisturizer will replace this.

Correction: Use a moisturizer that won’t grease your skin


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