A robot is serving food at a restaurant in Multan-the future is now! Tools

A robot (we’re not talking about one of those killing machines from Terminator) has been serving food at a restaurant in Multan. The robot was fashioned by Syed Usama Aziz; a student from NUST, for his father’s restaurant Pizza.com.

The robot follows a designated path, greets the customers and delivers their order. It can even detect obstacles and avoid them. It took Usama 8 months to complete it, and it is currently in beta testing. He hopes to introduce it in Hyderabad as well. He is working on introducing an order feature, where the robot can record the customer’s order.

While robots have been used in assembly lines for ages in other countries, and even in Pakistan, the concept of a robot ‘waiter’ is very alien. The presence of a robot serving food is a very innovative idea that surely attracts a lot of attention. However, the making of the robot stemmed from Usama’s passion for robotics. Seeing the robot in action can be thrilling for a lot of people, and it shows that Pakistan is moving ahead with better technological advances.

Kluchit Staff
Ameera Mehmood