A Slippery Situation: The world is running out of BUTTER! Food For Thought
Something has been happening in Europe for the past few weeks and it is VERY bizarre. Basically, it is not a good time to be a baker in Europe. Why, you ask? Well, Europe is literally running out of butter and is in a serious crisis!

This shortage of butter is due to the constant demand of it. People have been using margarine and other butter substances for years but now, the demand has taken its toll. As said by CNN, “Both Europeans and Americans are consuming a half a pound of butter more than they were back in 2010 according to government reports, and the Chinese are thirsty for more milk products now more than ever. Overall, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is forecasting a jump of about three percent in global butter consumption this year.”

Due to the demand, there is more consumption of butter and Europe might reach the limit by the end of the year. These have a big impact on restaurants, bakers and grocery stores. The prices of butter have reached a high range. The chief executive of a large UK dairy even warned that there might not be enough cream or milk for everyone on Christmas Day. ““In France, if bakeries wish to make croissants, plain au chocolat or patisseries then consumers will have to pay more, “ a representative of the French bakers’ association told CNBC. “We hope they understand our position because making quality products means charging a higher price at this time.”

That is so crazy! Imagine running out of butter. This sure seems like a slippery situation. What do you think about this bizarre news? Let us know.