Amanat Ali wore these outfits on his wedding and we are NOT happy! Wardrobe Woe's

Amanat Ali’s wedding has been blowing up all over social media, as is common for a lot of celebrity weddings. What sets this apart from other celebrity weddings is the ‘creativity’ exercised by the groom’s designer.

The designer has tried to be all hipster with ‘avant garde’ designs, when in actuality, a simpler look would’ve been better. None of the prints in the entire outfit match, nor do they complement each other. I feel like the designer’s obsession with green was inspired by…something else. Honestly he looks like Omore lick a flavor!


The baraat outfit looks fine from the top, but the bottom is a whole other story. Wait for it…



I think the designer felt inspired by the hip hop, hanging diaper pants, and reversed the concept. Instead of drooping from the waist, they’re drooping from the knee down. Or maybe it was inspired by Aladin or 16th century aristocracy. Who even knows.


‘My calves are itching’


Classy, amirite?

The Nikkah outfit seems pretty well balanced, till you get to the shoes. They’re black and blingy…and made for women. No, seriously. I’m pretty sure they’d look much better on me.


Oh well, we’d still like to wish the couple an amazing life ahead. And Amanat…you’re better than your outfits. Much better.

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Kluchit Staff
Ameera Mehmood