Amazing Nurpur at Coke Fest Food

Coke Food Fest held their episode 2 and number of attendees broke all the records. The venue was bigger and better than previous one in Lahore but still it seemed that the whole place could not hold all the audience. For all those who missed it out, it was an event not to be missed EVER! As usual, the main attraction was food and whole lotta food but this time Coke had FIFA trophy at the event. Every person had their heart set to see the golden trophy.

Among all this happening at the event, one particular food stall by a leading dairy brand caught my attention, Nurpur. I am already a big fan of their golden butter, so I had to go and see what they had stored this time at the food stall at Coke Fest. The stall had display of their products but then they had some live food happening too!!

Nurpur had a big stall…I mean nice and big. To my surprise apart from their own core products like Nurpur tetra packed milk, cheese, butter, Must fruit drinks and Dostea tea whitener, they were serving amazing food too. Talk about some really innovative food like Cheese Cake with Gulab Jamun, Gajjar ka halwa swiss roll style and to beat all this Nutella Doodh Jalebi. You just could not walk by without noticing all that happening at the healthiest stall at Coke Fest 18.

And then they had 3 different amazing dishes…cooked at the spot, LIVE!!! Day 1 they had Lahori Sarsoun ka Saag, Day 2 Karachi style Bun Kebab and Day 3 Peshwari Chappal Kebab. Being a Karachite by birth, I miss the Karachi style street bun kebab which is not here as yet in Lahore. That piece of food on a disposable plate brought back so many memories. The secret of this street variety is the dark colored chutney. The subtle acidic hint and spiced up by right ingredients, that chutney is what I at time refer to as stuff of legends!

I believe for all those who been to Coke Fest 18 Ep. 2 could talk about all other food stalls and the beverage brand itself but for me and my team, Nurpur stole the whole show. Kudos to team Nurpur!