Amir Liaquat and Meera – what the hell? Blog Buffet

Two words: Amir Liaquat. These two words are enough to make anyone with as little as an ounce of sense cringe with horror and disgust. As if our image all around the world isn’t tarnished enough, Amir Liaquat’s ridiculous antics make us all look like complete morons with a severe lack of intelligence and decency. Just watching him on TV, you’d think that most people would disapprove of his bandron wali chalangein and the way he interacts with his audience, but you’d be surprised to know that he has millions of admirers, for whatever f*cked up reason. Personally, I think he’s in the wrong line of work. The way he’s hopping and shouting all over the place with explosive fervour, he should’ve been a cult leader, as opposed to a TV presenter, since the latter demands a certain amount of poise.


I think we can all agree that his ‘Ramadan’ game show is shudder inducing and cancerous. I can barely get through 5 minutes of it before my brain cells start committing suicide. I thought Ramadan was supposed to be a month of humbleness and piety, and here he is, somersaulting all over the set, passing odd remarks regarding his peers, blatantly flirting with women and then calling them ‘behn’ (lest a flying chappal hit him out of nowhere), encouraging the audience to participate in his very demented idea of fun and lastly, asking couples in the audience very weird and personal questions. However, a lot of people find it ‘entertaining’, and I’m alright with that, to each his own, right? What I’m not alright with is his crassness towards guests that he invites to his shows. Actually not just the guests, but the audience too, but they seem alright with it because they’re ‘starstruck.’


For some odd reason, Amir Liaquat decided to invite Meera to his show. And once she was there, he decided to be the weirdo that he is and ask her, “Aap ek achi bahu kese ban sakti hain?” First of all, it’s none of his business. Secondly, why would he even care? It’s not like he’ll ever know what it’s like to be a bahu. Aside from that, he goes on to mock each and every one of her responses to his incredibly stupid question. Pro tip for TV/ media personalities: apni izzat bachani hai to Amir bhai ke show se door rahein.

I honestly wonder why she even agreed to making an appearance, in my opinion being spotted with Amir bhai is as embarrassing as that one time you really had pee but your friends kept making you laugh and you peed yourself. In front of a cute boy you liked. You can’t relate? At all? Oh well. Point is, well, there no point, really. His show is pointless, Amir Liaquat himself is pointless and so are his cringe worthy attempts at hoarding attention in any shape or form humanly possible.



Kluchit Staff
Ameera Mehmood