Annabelle Creation scared me What's Happening Now!

So after long due, at last I went out with my friends to watch the new horror ‘Annabelle Creation’, The Next Chapter in The Conjuring, which is the sequel to Annabelle. It was as anticipated, a movie that could actually scare me to death. It was not only the jump scares but shrieking screams and every other possible way to express my terrified self. Annabelle Creation totally came par with my scary expectations and I loved every moment of that movie. Gary Dauberman well wrote the script with an extremely twisted ending. I could actually feel Gary’s fear of playfull Dolls or if not, then must be how the dolls felt about him.

David F Sandberg, 36 year old and with scary classics like Lights Out and Cam Closer to his list of directed movies, made a mark with Annabelle Creation. The story starts off with a doll maker and his wife, who lost their 7 year old daughter. After 12 years of their daughter’s death, they gave shelter to a nun and few girls from an orphanage. The deceased child possessed her favorite doll which was still in the house…but that was the least evil thing in that house. The evil soon begins playing terrifying games with the couple and the orphan girls. The story goes through a maze of thrill and mystery and finally ends at an end. When the horror started, it did not seem to take a break and just kept on going. I have missed some of the scenes because my eyes were blocked by my hands and I did not want to take them away. The people in the cinema gasped and screamed as haunting scenes passed in front of them.

Overall, its a scary treat-full movie and I loved every scene of it. Hopefully, you all do find it as knee crackling and bone chilling too! Would love to hear your opinion on what you think this movie, once you’ve watched it. Lastly, do not sleep with your lights off and do not forget to hug your favorite doll.


Kluchit Staff
Merub Ali