Banana peels – sigh of relief Food For Thought

Sounds ridiculous, right? Except banana peels are useful for a number of things other than taking revenge against someone you hate by making them slip. Hmmmmmm…

Well, before you get any naughty ideas regarding banana peels, go through the following benefits and decide whether revenge is worth it or not.

1. Teeth Whitener

Ohhh yesss! Wish you could have that bright, celebrity smile too? The potassium in banana helps to whiten your teeth. Cut off a piece of the peel and rub the inner part gently over your teeth for a few minutes, then rinse off. Repeat once or twice daily for whiter teeth. This is actually a pretty economical hack and saves you the much-dreaded visit to the dentist. 😉

2. Reduces wrinkles

Rub the inner side over the affected areas. Leave it overnight and let it work its magic. For best results, add an egg yolk to mashed banana peel, apply the mixture onto your face for five minutes and rinse off. Use it often enough and your wrinkles will begin to fade away.

3. Relieve Mosquito Bites

Rubbing the inside of a banana peel helps reduce the swelling and relieves the itching caused by a mosquito bite. This tip will come in handy now that it’s summer, which means mosquito season for most Pakistanis.

4. Helps you sleep

For all you insomniacs out there, banana peels are your new best friend. Apparently, consuming banana peels can help you sleep, who would’ve guessed? If you’re feeling stressed or anxious, have some banana peels and hop into bed.

5. Improves your mood

Feeling a little blue? Studies show that eating banana peels can help improve your mood, so if you’re not feeling like your best self, definitely give it a shot. It won’t make all your problems go away, but it might help a little.