Be beguiled by an enticing Zhoosh lash launch Beauty

In a busy city like Lahore, a streak of gossip was known about and guess what that was about, It was about the launch of a lash brand. On the other end looks up to the sky and thanks god that oh a launch of a different and new product for the market of Pakistan. Lashes are easy to get at a local store since what not is available in Pakistan but let’s talk about a premium yet local brand of Pakistan. Well when the product is Pakistan the heart hoots for Pakistani. Zhoosh launched their 6 types of lashes at the launch in Cosa, Lahore. The brand had known salons on board retail the product and also demonstrate along with a meet greet session at the launch. From the invite to the set up till the crowd it was a successful event. I personally went Zhoosh Whoosh over the décor hats off the décor person apart from the product it gave pure justice to the entire theme and purpose. The price range of the lashes will remain an inside concern as it’s a part of discussion a lot of women are going on about how they would prefer huda lashes when it’s about price. A personal and professional advice for Zhoosh to sell at a premium price link up and keep a good customer relation to sustain that just might work!