Be Election Ready Today – Your Guide To Elections 2018 What's Happening Now!

Election’s tomorrow! It’s gonna be a big day and a hot one at that with a bright chance of rain, but YOU have to VOTE as a responsible Pakistani. I realize it can be daunting to compromise three hours of sleep for five years of bad governance, but, hey, I am going to help you prepare for the occasion to the extent that your nicknamed as “Dora the Explorer”.
Read on for the list of things you need to successfully finish the voting adventure.


Confirm your registration and polling station

Text your NIC number without spaces to 8300 to confirm you registration. The confirmation message that you’ll receive will also specify the address of your polling station. Make sure that you have the location down before you set out.


 Dress to impress but also repress (sweat)

Obviously, you’re allowed to prep your gorgeous face for selfies, but make sure that your makeup  is light-preferably a BB cream (or sunscreen), some blush, lip tint and mascara. More importantly, dress up in light fabrics, wear sunglasses and open toe shoes. This might also be a good time to pull out those dusty sun hats and tacky P-caps from your closet.

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Eat meals that fill your tummy and battery but don’t dehydrate you.

Avoid breakfast’s that so light-exhibit A: cereal- that it makes your tummy growl after short 20 mins. You may also want to avoid too much of eggs, nuts, and salty or spicy snacks because they can dehydrate you. An ideal breakfast, for me, would incorporate a roti with a vegetable curry-fills, hydrates and (perhaps) tantalizes my taste buds.


Stock up on water and snacks.

Keep a water bottle with you and an extra for a friend -(hey! be a lamb and share). Also, you may wanna keep a sandwich or pack of chips just in case. To be prepared  like Dora, you have to pack *extra* stuff like Dora!


Stay connected.

Bring your mobile phone along, but only if it’s charged and has credit. Otherwise, throw it in the nearest water reservoir. However, you won’t be allowed to take it inside the polling station to it is best to keep it in the car once you reach.

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 Research your locale’s candidates.

Don’t vote randomly or for the party that’s popular with friends and family. Also, don’t vote for vague reasons or chants that you’ve been hearing from OTHERS. Be sure that you thoroughly have researched the candidates and political parties contesting at your designated polling station.


Zip heated lips.

Don’t say anything that you may regret later. Remember political parties will come and go but friends remain there till you give them good gossip.


Be rain ready.

Since it’s monsoon and the skies may start to bawl in gratitude or fear for the country’s future, pack an umbrella.


Take care of all these aspects and remember that voting is both a right and responsibility. Happy voting! May we have a fair and square election!

Nimra Ishfaq
Life’s a Catch-22.