Behati Prinsloo’s Instagram Sizzles! Beauty / Style Diva

The Namibian model’s Instagram heats up with 1.5 million followers compared to her Twitter account with 276K followers. The Annual Victoria’s Secret Show featured Behati as one of the 8 Angels giving her sample photos to update her Instagram. The model shows off her stunning body in each and every photo and it seems that fans just can’t get enough of her.

As a 16 year old, you expect a car for your birthday. Behati Prinsloo was walking ramps in fashion shows by that age. Born and raised in Namibia, Africa; Behati’s father was the local minister while her mother owned a bed and breakfast. It might have been unimaginable what she was destined for when Sarah Doukas discovered her in Capetown.

This year, Victoria’s Secret went big with a show in London. Transporting 44 models to the British capital; especially the 8 Angels which included Behati Prinsloo along with Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss and Lindsay Ellingson. The Angels raided the city with glitz and glam which raised the temperature a few notches up. They hung around shops and later on with Taylor Swift. It was a fun camaraderie when they posed in front of the London Victoria’s Secret store in jeans, T-shirts and leather jackets.

Things got down to business as Angels and models donned on pink robes to prepare for the show. The show was a mind boggling, head blowing and an overall steamy event. The Angels came out with their wings and bodies to die for. Among those Angels Behati definitely captured a lot of attention with her golden ensemble featured with gold wings gilding from her back. Behati looked like a warrior goddess with her brown tresses framing her eloquently beautiful face.  The piece was accessorized by gold jewelry and golden high straps. The behind the scene photo of Behati in the golden piece was with Cancice Swaenpool, Lily Aldridge and Doutzen Kroes, all posing and smiling for the camera and looking stunning.

That was not the end of Behati for the show she walked in a white and silver feather themed piece. This time the feathers started from her waist as she struck a pose with a million dollars smile while Andrew Hozier Byrne sang “Take me to Church” (Really!). Then she walked in out in a black piece with eagle feathers protruding from her shoulders. She looked more like a fierce predator than an Angel or maybe a Dark Angel would be a more precise observation.

The own rampage photo included a stunning photo of Behati posing with Candice Swanepoel. Behati took the part of the serious looking Angel as Candice took on the bubbly butterfly pose but you have to admit that they both look equally stunning in a photo that’s just off the hotness radar. Another photo of all the Angels, models, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande posing with the poster, Class of 2014 has got to be a fan favorite. Who wouldn’t like a photo full of lingerie clad models striking some awesome poses? Another such stunner has to be the B&W shot of the Angels with Taylor Swift where Taylor looks equally stunning.

The after party for the show photos featured on Behati’s Instagram has to be of her stunner black dress she posed in on the Pink Carpet and later on the picture she posted with Lauren Cutillo before the graffiti wall giving a thumbs up and hoisting a leg up is awesome. The photos of Behati on the E online show and Good Morning LA features her curves in a chic black dress with pink edges and a white dress respectively giving an off-ramp look into the model’s life.

The other main attraction on Behati’s Instagram has to be the photos with her new groom, the sexiest man of last year, Adam Levine. Behati is mostly casual and lovey-dovey with her ultra-hot husband and they both look amazing in every photo despite making weird faces and striking odd poses. It looks like Behati’s Instagram is never a dull photo scene and followers crave the amazing series of photos Behati shares with the world. Beauty ought to be admired and the followers prove that.

Contributed by: Aamnah Jawad.

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