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The city of foodies, Lahore, plays host to a number of pizza parlors because Lahoris, never simply confining pizza nights to sports or movies, enjoy spending hours just hogging down the cheese mix!

But what if you’re on your way back from the office; tired, hungry and unwilling to take a detour to your favorite pizza parlor and wait for what feels like eternity? If it’s one of those days, the answer is simple; you don’t. Not with these bakeries offering instant bake pizzas!

Cakes & Bakes:

Found in the busiest market areas right down to the remotest corners of the town, Cakes & Bakes, with their ‘Instant Bake’ option live to serve. With an array of super cheesy pizzas to choose from, here is one outlet that keeps value for money in mind. If your taste borders on the 2:1, Cheese: Filling ratio, this bakery should definitely be your go-to!


Jalal Sons:

Though Jalal Sons isn’t as accessible as Cakes & Bakes, loyal JS fans can’t help grabbing a box or two of pizzas right after their grocery shopping. But if that isn’t happening for you tonight, just dial them up, order and get your pizza home-delivered in good time. Though not as loaded with cheese as its previous counterpart, Jalal Sons offers a neat, smooth slice with both the cheese and the filling in equal measure. The only downside is that the crust is a tad too hard to be munched on.


Pick ‘n’ Save:

A new venture by the owners of Malee’s Café, Pick ‘n’ Save, located in Gulberg II is a small, suave outlet stacked with essentials in a way that is more adorable than annoying. At the very far end, is an area dedicated to cooking and baking some of the most delicious edibles living up to the reputation of Malee’s! The filling, much like that of Jalal Sons, is adequate but the bread wins the prize! Soft, aromatic and baked with oregano, these qualities aren’t simply confined to the base but can be found in the crust too, making it pleasantly chewable!

Contributed by Syeda Tehniat Hashmi, a student of Journalism  and an avid foodie. She blogs at and tweets at @syedatehniat.

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