Your guide to the best restaurants in DHA Lahore Features

You’ve probably discovered an array of restaurants that are located on MM Alam road which in my opinion seems like the modernized version of the Food Street with every new restaurant around the corner. But whenever I visit DHA I’m always confused about where I want to go mainly because I’m unaware of the restaurants. After doing plenty of research, I have come up with the perfect guide to help you choose from.

X2 Pan Asian


The new X2 Pan Asian in Defence has spectacular service and great food. While it’s more compact as compared to the Gulberg restaurant and is missing X2 Café (which we also love), we love their Pan Asian menu and taste.

Sweet Affairs


What first started out as a bakery has now grown its reputation to be more than just a bakery. The menu at Sweet Affairs is pretty vast and covers almost every kind of food (which may not be ideal for those seeking a specific cuisine) but my heart is set on their brick oven pizza. Let’s also not forget their desserts especially their cakes and shakes.

Thanda Garam


Nestled away in Y block away from the traffic, Thanda Garam has become a favorite of ours. To begin with, this place does the best, absolutely mouthwatering smoothie granola bowls – their Pink Berry (keep in mind they’re only available in on Friday-Monday in the morning). Since we’re talking about breakfast options, there’s also their weekend brunch in which you get eggs, steak and eggs, and truly delectable french toasts along with some karak chai. We recommend their gannay ka juice and sattu.

Outpost BYOB


If you’re a burger lover, then you know that Outpost BYOB (Build Your Own Burger) is one of the best things to ever happen. Fast food restaurants are okay but we needed a place serving fresh, real meat patties. That’s what we got with Outpost BYOB.



If you’re one of those curious foodies that are always trying new cuisines and building your taste buds then this restaurant is MADE for you. DD, Phase 4! Order Qabail’s to-die-for Roash and Chapli Kebab and you will know why this restaurant comes recommended. Even order some Shinwari Karahi paired with Shehanshahi Naan and feel great things happen inside your mouth as you munch.



Sumo, another go-to place for those of you looking for Japanese food provides not only good food but also a great ambiance to go along with it. Their sushi is LITTTT and their Red Snapper is also recommended if you’re a fan of fish… but then, if you’re not, what are you even doing at Sumo?

Mandarin Kitchen


Mandarin Kitchen opened up in the heart of Defence’s Z Block market and it’s become a favorite in very less time. Their Chicken Szechuan, Hot Garlic Prawns, and Dragon Noodles are instant toppers among the menu. They’ve also been fairly consistent with taste, quality, and hygiene.

Bundu Khan


Bundu khan is an oldie restaurant and a particular favourite for those who crave a desi cuisine. While more restaurants have opened up, Bundu Khan still maintains its quality and remains to be one of the better options for desi dining in DHA.

Rina’s Kitchenette


Starting out as an out-of-home bakery, Rina’s Kitchenette has grown to become one of the most popular restaurants in Lahore (which led to them opening a second branch in Gulberg). While Rina’s has several options on their menu, their gourmet burgers and pizzas usually stand out.

Each restaurant has something different and fantastic to offer, hence next time someone says DHA mein kuch nahi hai, show them this list and prove them wrong.


Lalarukh Khan
Betcha can’t stop at one