Billy Bunter’s Hits The Mark Featured Fav

Another project by the people behind Qabail, Billy Bunter’s is another world altogether. Located in DHA Phase 4, Billy Bunter’s looks inviting from the outside with its huge glass front, and mood lighting visible to onlookers.

Though on the smaller side, it provides a cozy ambiance with its plush velvet seats while still managing to looking spacious because of the glass front, which lets natural light flood in during day time.

As displayed on the chalkboard behind the counter in their “must try” list, the dish Moroccan Cigar really called out to us. The dish was visibly pleasing with the stuffed chicken sitting in a bed of ample sauce. The chicken cut in pieces of four, was cooked to perfection.  With a breadcrumb coated exterior and the cheese oozing out was a treat for our taste buds. The quantity is enough to feed two people if you are planning to share a dessert later. But then, that varies with every individual.


We ordered their fries to share, which were to be served with a variety of sauces. Even though they were on the expensive side (around Rs.450 ) considering they were just fries, we enjoyed them every bit. Crispy, not too chunky and seasoned with herbs and spices; the piping hot fries were accompanied with 3 sauces i.e. ketchup, thousand islands and honey mustard. Enough to fill one up.


Out of their shakes, the Pina Colada was our favorite among strawberry and chocolate. Again, the quantity of the shake was more than sufficient and well decorated.

Our favorite part of the whole meal was the Instagram boomerang worthy Melting Desire. With a chocolate dome hiding a brownie and ice cream inside it, it came with a small jug comprising of hot chocolate. The dome melted beautifully and the strawberries made everything better. We would’ve preferred our strawberries to be chilled rather than room temperature to balance out the hot chocolate but we aren’t really complaining.


All in all, Billy Bunter’s is a place we’d visit again, perhaps to try something new. Team Kluchit wishes good luck to this promising eatery!