Bollywood celebrities finally speak up for Tanushree Dutta What's Happening Now!

Tanushree Dutta’s claims regarding Nana Patekar, took the media by storm. However, it was only limited to news. A lot of people were upset with the fact that none of the Bollywood celebrities came forward to stand with Tanushree Dutta.

A few days ago, Tanushree Dutta came forward again, after 10 years to reveal that Nana Patekar had not only sexually harassed her but intimidated her by sending a political party’s goons to scare her and her family when she reacted.

Read the back story here: Tanushree Dutta reveals Nana Patekar harassed her 10 years ago

In response to the acquisition, Nana Patekar laughed off the matter and stated, “What does she mean by sexual harassment? We were on the set and there were 200 people sitting in front of us,”. He further stated, “Let anyone say anything. I will continue to do in my life what I have

been doing.

He also stated that he will take legal help and action. “I will see what can be done legally. Let’s see. It is also wrong/inappropriate to talk to you (media) since you publish anything.”
Bollywood actors had been quiet on the matter. Amitabh Bachan straightaway refused to comment whereas Amir Khan and Salman Khan gave very diplomatic answers.
But the silence has been broken now.

Farhan Akhtar, Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Twinkle Khanna and a few more used their social media pages to voice their opinions and shared that they #BelieveTanushree.

Priyanka Chopra shared the same thoughts as Farhan and showed equal support for survivors by saying #BelieveSurvivors

Sonam Kapoor stated:

Twinkle Khanna who is never afraid to coin her thoughts also had a say in this matter:

Kangana Ranaut also showed support for Tanushree Dutta by lauding her courage for speaking out. The Queen actress has been quoted saying, “I appreciate her courage to speak about alleged harassment that has been caused to her. It’s her and the accused’s fundamental right to speak about their experience of the same situation. Such dialogue is very healthy and it will bring about a lot of awareness.” 


Swara Bhaskar wrote a whole article on Buzzfeed about abuse.