BTW’s Back To School Collection Is Making Us Question Our Childhood Brandinfocus

Kids today…. you must be pondering what you had in your times. We all know that fashion changes with time to time. But how much do they change overtime with a generation?

BY THE WAY, Just launched their Back to School collection and it’s so trendy and Ah-mazing that you will wonder why weren’t such fashion brands at your time.

It’s a wonder how designers are able to brainstorms new outfits and create something that is new, fashion statement and trendy. But for this moment that creativity needs appreciation. No matter it wasn’t there in our school days.

Sad Life 🙁


I mean look at this Denim shirt and shoulder leather bag, where were these in our college days. Her make-up is so chic. I mean I remember our days when we used to go with just lotion and khajoor ka drakht on our heads. Not to forget those super tight kassi hui pigtails.

Her hair color is so pretty. Those shoes look so comfy as well as can make a fashion statement. Rosewood black kurta would have done wonders in our times.

Aaj kal ke bache kitne lucky hain.

I am speechless, look at her sunglasses. I remember in our times we used to have those neon coloured sunnies. Uh! ugly but it was trendy back than. By the way’s whole back to school collection is wonderful and no matter if you go to school you can still wear these….

Even though today’s children have it all i.e. sense of style, technology, freedom etc. etc. etc. I probably still won’t swap it with our 90’s childhood ever. But yeah, a little more clothing sense wouldn’t have hurt back then!

Lucky you all!

Nudrat Iqhlaq

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