“Pakistan is in my top 10” – says a world traveller Adventure Travel

I have always wondered that what would be a foreigner’s reaction when they visit Pakistan.

Is there anything that will catch their attention and will they feel fascinated in any way? Not that I think negative about my country,  but the present day bitter truths of terrorism and orthodox community claims can arise vivid images of fear and detest in anyone’s mind.

So I was scrolling down my Instagram feed one day and came across this amazingly shared experience of a woman named Cassie De Pecol from Connecticut, U.S.A, who has traveled to almost every country in the world. AND GUESS WHAT It made me so happy that she claims Pakistan to be amongst the 10 most wonderful countries out of 196 she has traveled to.

Out of curiosity I visited her Instagram account and read the whole thing. She says she was given a lot of respect by the airplane crew on her journey to Karachi when they got to know  she was here to explore Pakistan. Also, her confirmed economy class seat was upgraded to business class by the crew at the moment.

She met students of business administration and Waseem Akhtar during national tree plantation and had an amazing time at the hotel as well. She says she had waited 4 months to get her visa and does not AT ALL regret coming here and that the wait was completely worth it because she has never seen a country so rich in culture.

We are a great country with amazing people. The world just needs to know!

Staff Contributor
Hafsa Daud