Hot Couture

New store in town – Sabeen’s Hot Couture

The pain of going to some ones house for a customized bridal has ended because Sabeen’s who are known for their bridals, formals and semi formals have opened their store in the heart of defense.

Shahnaz Sheikh’s Artwear – Digitally Printed Saris Fashion / Hot Couture

Shahnaz Sheikh has ruled the TV screen for ages with her ever-charming acting. This Sunday, while the lazy afternoon was slowly drifting into a much cooler evening, Artwear exhibited their collection of digitally printed saris at X2 Restaurant in Gulberg. Designed by none other than Shahnaz Sheikh herself, the exhibition was a breath of fresh air for everybody in attendance.

FUR! Long gone OR still in? Fashion / Hot Couture

We live in a world full of fashionistas. Each soul is in tough competition with the others regarding how they dress up. The collections we are treated to every season change with the trends. Are you in touch with them?