It’s a Man’s World

Wedding season for Men It's a Man's World

Bride and groom are always fixed perfectly cause they are the main attraction of the whole event but the tough decision making comes down to the family and friends.

Pensy – Defining men attire Fashion / It's a Man's World

Pakistani men, unlike quite a lot of other country men, has a far wider range of attire style to choose from. Not only the type of attire but recently, there is a quite an impressive increase in male attire specific brands too.

Munib Nawaz at Hum Showcase17 – Wow It's a Man's World

In a world full of bland expressions and people taking themselves way too seriously, it's always refreshing to see models smiling while slaying the ramp and showcasing their more human side, or, in Munib Nawaz’s case, jumping and bopping around excitedly while saluting the audience

Abbas Arslan from Coca Cola – Interview It's a Man's World

One does not completely achieve what they really want to achieve, because life is an evolutionary process; when you get somewhere, you start to plan what to achieve next. However, I'm fairly satisfied with where I am today, and I especially enjoy the work that I'm doing these days.

Amir Adnan – Guru of Menswear Fashion / It's a Man's World

The 90's era witnessed the huge development of men's style in Pakistan when Amir Adnan who began as a business graduate. Slowly and gradually he began to see the uniqueness that existed in his own personal dress-up style and that when he started to think about the initiation of his own business as being the first one to capture this very niche in the market that may have actually existed for a long time. Searching for a tie for himself took him to Italy and this is where he took professional training to actually learn how to make a proper stylish tie and brought that talent back to Pakistan.

Republic by Omar Farooq- PIA Style show Fashion / It's a Man's World

Everybody felt PIA needed some major renovations. We are gladly announcing what you might call the major trend affair of 2015. Yes it’s about the huge PIA style show which was held on March 16th in Karachi. Where fifteen major modern day designers, designed what they thought PIA’s crew should be wearing.