Pakistani MMA ‘Bashir Ahmad’ wins gold Fitness

Pakistani PAK MMA Star, Bashir Ahmad adds another feature to his cap by representing Pakistan and winning a gold medal in the 85kg weight of the expert division at the Bangkok Jiu Jitsu Championships in Thailand.

Low calorie delicious food?? Yes!! Its true. Fitness / Food

If you want delicious food, the ingredients are mostly fattening and if you go for low-calorie diet-food then its mostly impossible to swallow. makes your dreams come true by giving you some amazing low-calorie diet-food recipes which you can eat to your heart's content.

Tattoos and Mixed Martial Arts Fitness / Lifestyle

In our country, getting a tattoo made is considered to be a taboo subject for many people. Slowly but surely, our culture is starting to accept this form of art and expression. Read on to find out more about this growing fad.

Hiking Gear Fitness / Lifestyle

Hiking is basically walking and observing nature as a recreational activity. Hiking is especially beneficial for those who have a sedentary lifestyle. It is a natural exercise which promotes physical fitness and well-being. Additionally, it is very economical and convenient as well.

Drink your worries away like superstars Fitness / Food

Medical treatments are available for every problem but they cause side effects about which few of us know and many of us ignore. Read on to find out better ways of solving your medical problems.....