Colour me Red! Fashion

The saga of ‘The Red Lipstick” goes back to as long as one can remember. Starting with Ancient Mesopotamian women crushing gemstones to embellish their lips, to the Egyptians crushing carmine and ants over beeswax to decorate their lips. The “red lipstick” has come a long way since then.

The rise and fall of Edie Sedgwick. Fashion / Style Diva

For a long time I thought Edie Sedgwick was used by Andy Warhol, for her wealth, her connections to the upper class and her beautiful physical appearance, but after a deep dive into Edie’s life, my opinion changed. Andy Warhol was a user but the relationship worked both ways. To know more read on ...

Crazy new trend: Hair pixelation Fashion / Hair Escapades

The year started with hair professionals trying hard to push Ombré, the reigning trend of 2014, out of the limelight and paving way for streaks to make a comeback, which led us to sight the likes of Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner and Jada Pinkett Smith sporting ribbons of strong colors running through their locks in a way that was subtle, yet made a statement.

Yoga for the soul: Health benefits Fashion

The Stars are doing it, sportsmen are endorsing it and the health nuts swear by it. We're talking about Yoga. Read on for its benefits and that sense of Nirvana!

Dynamic Duo- The men behind 9lines Brandinfocus / Fashion

9lines is a new fashion and lifestyle brand that is making waves in Lahore for it's cool and hip products that range from clothing to purses, stationary, interior decor items and jewellery. The style and designs are fresh and fun, perfect pieces that have a life of their own. Students, fashionistas and pop art enthusiasts can't get enough of their custom made products.(If you haven't already checked it out, go on to see what we're going gaga about).

The Ultimate Guide to Online Shopping Events & Reviews / Fashion / Kluchit Shops / Uncategorized

Pakistani shoppers are getting the taste of the new hot trend that has become mainstream internationally: a virtual shopping experience. Gone are the days when shopping was an activity where you had to go out and grab whatever’s available. These days it’s all about purchasing the best buys online. Socially aware shoppers know that buying clothes isn’t just about the price. It’s about the fun experience that comes with it. The process of deciding what looks good on you verses what’s in store can be a drag when nothing on the shelf will suit you. Luckily we have some great online shopping websites available to us now that make sure all our favorite things are only a click away!

Swinging Sixties – The Era of Cool Fashion / Fashion Forward / Style

The 60s was an era of fashion revolution defined by a kaleidoscope of new and unprecedented fashion trends. Peter Pan collars, shift and A-line dresses and bell bottom jeans were just some of the trends that broke the traditional mold and took the 60s by storm.

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