Wardrobe Woe’s

IttyBittyToes proves that valentine’s can be for toddlers too! Fashion / Wardrobe Woe's

Team Kluchit got bored with focusing on women’s and men’s fashion. It was high time we started focusing on something else too so we decided to bring you toddlers fashion this month, especially for the mommies who dress up their adorable babies in those same old rompers. It’s the twentieth century mommies! You need to start knowing what’s on the trend list because age and size is nothing when it comes to looking hot!

9 wardrobe essentials for the MINIMALIST GIRL Fashion / Style / Wardrobe Woe's

Ever had those days when you have to go out but you just can't seem to find that perfect outfit? You have a ton of clothes but nothing to wear. Here are nine must have pieces for girls that want to minimize the fuss of fashion without compromising on style that stands out.