Audience Appetizers

Become a Tea Perfectionist! Q & A

You are simply a flawed person if you do not know how to make tea/chai. Save yourself from social embarrassment and become a chai perfectionist.

Gelato or Ice cream??? Q & A

There is a common mistake people have been making when it comes to Ice cream and gelato. Read to erase all those misconceptions.

Haute Cuisine – Movie Review Audience Appetizers / Reviews

Haute Cuisine or Les Saveurs du Palais (the original French title) is a French movie which was released in 2012. It is directed by Christian Vincent and stars Catherine Frot as the protagonist. Read on to find out whether Team Kluchit liked the movie or not!!

White Sauce & its Problem Areas Audience Appetizers / Food / Q & A

White Sauce (Bechamel Sauce), is a base sauce for the most international cuisine. It has its root deeply set in French and Italian cuisine both. A basic recipe is a roux and milk whisked together to achieve a desired consistency.