5 Sumptuous Nutella Recipes Anybody Can Make Food / K-recipes

Aaahhhh Nutella!! That delicious thing in a jar which tastes like it is straight out of Heaven. All those who have a crippling penchant for the chocolate hazelnut spread will know how blissful Nutella can make any recipe taste. So read on for more ideas.

5 Healthy Alternatives to French Fries Food / K-recipes

Can we ever get enough of French fries in our lives? Hands down, the hot, crunchy and scrumptious golden sticks are a universal guilty pleasure, but are not very good for the health. Read on to learn more about some healthier substitutes.

Sweet and Savory – Ohh Strawberries!! Food / K-recipes

Sweet, succulent and plump. Not only are strawberries heavenly delicious, they are also an excellent source of Vitamin C. Enjoy them raw, grilled or baked in cakes, dipped in chocolate or in a cocktail. The possibilities are endless!!

Garnishing Tips and Tricks Food / Tips & Tricks

You slave away in the kitchen for hours to make that perfect dish, and it even tastes great but doesn’t look too pretty; which is why your family winces when they see it. Read on if you have ever experienced something similar.

Problem Areas in Baking Food / Tips & Tricks

Baking is an art which cannot be perfectly practiced without learning some rules and regulations. Kluchit.com shows you how to deal with numerous problems people face while baking....

Weird Food Combinations you must try! Food / Food For Thought

Food is something we can not live without eating, just like we can not live without breathing air. Apart from the necessity of food which we need to live, we also eat food to develop our taste and to satisfy the mouthwatering effects which tickle us whenever we see delicious food in front of our eyes.

Tossing away your old dishes? Upcycle them instead! Food / Tools

Upcycling is a new trend which has been spreading like a conflagration. Instead of tossing away their old crockery, people are reusing them for fun DIY projects that have an air of quirkiness and originality to them. So don’t toss away your old mismatched china plates just yet....

Personalize your Instant Noodles! Food / Tips & Tricks

Who doesn’t love instant noodles? Ummm, no one! Maggie, Knorr or Indomie. They are easy to make and always taste great, whichever brand you love. They just never let us down. But there is so much more you can do with instant noodles than just following the directions mentioned on the packet. Read on to find out what..............

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