Are you using your citrus well? Do it now… Food / Food For Thought

There are so many ways to forge oranges into delicious recipes. The fleshy texture of the fruit adds a great juicy element to any dish. Every part of it can be used including the zest which is a favorite among world acclaimed chefs in many of their signature dishes. It imparts a bitter strong orangey flavor to the dish it is added to. Find out how its used in other countries...

Quick Fixes for Unexpected Guests Food / K-recipes

Full meals are always looked forward to, but in my opinion it’s the untimely hunger and the snack which we prepare as a result of it, which are looked forward to the most. Keeping the hungry bellies and anxious taste buds waiting for too long is never a good idea. Always think on your feet and come up with interesting recipes. One trick is to go for a variety of ingredients which can be mixed in a bowl and served in a jiffy. Here are some of the quick and simple snacks you can try........

Quick and healthy breakfast recipes!! Food / K-recipes

Mornings are usually accompanied with a lot of hustle and bustle. We never have enough time for a proper breakfast, no matter which age group we belong to. But why should we compromise on the most important meal of the day? Here are some quick morning breakfast recipes which can be made within five to ten minutes....

Do more with your Coffee this season! Food / K-recipes

Who doesn’t love eating food? And that too, when there is practically no hassle involved. So, allow me to show you the way to make incredibly amazing foods which can be ready in less than 10 minutes.

5 Mouthwatering Peanut Butter-y Recipes! Food / Tips & Tricks

Here are five appetite-whetting recipes that contain peanut butter and will surely leave your taste buds tingling and wanting more. They are perfect for anyone who happens to have a very unpredictable sweet tooth and craves desserts. Warning: Definitely not made for sharing!! Do try them out, and we are sure you are going to have loads of fun making them.

3 Scrumptious Wine(less) Recipes!! Food / Tips & Tricks

Originally, the following recipes call for wine, but since we can’t have that there’s a whole bunch of substitutes available for wine which we can use and the end result tastes just as good. Read on to find out more.

3 Wok Recipes for Bachelors!!! Food / Tips & Tricks

A wok is a versatile bowl-shaped pan used for cooking. It originates from South China, and is one of the most common cooking utensils in the whole of Southeast Asia. Woks are mostly used for deep frying and they provide stiff competition for modern day skillets and pans. Many culinary experts have started to develop a liking for woks as they have proved to be the best tool for stir frying.

Arts + Science = Molecular Gastronomy!! Food / Food For Thought

Cocktails in ice spheres. Clear Canapés, Transparent Ravioli’s, Caviar made of olive oil, coffee air. Sound miraculous? Well, these are all examples of Molecular Gastronomy. The question is, what is this scientific term which has caused so much confusion and controversy? To put it in simple words, the term Molecular Gastronomy is normally used to define a style of cooking in which chefs discover culinary possibilities by using tools from the science lab and ingredients from the food industry.

Doritos – My ultimate love! Food / Tips & Tricks

Being provided with the power and the opportunity to communicate with people through any medium is a great responsibility and should be utilized carefully. Thus, it is my duty to convey a very important life-changing message to my audience which took me to heaven and back the first time I experienced it and still continues to do so. *Drum rolls*

Eco Friendly crockery – A smart choice Features / Food / Tools

Eco friendly crockery serves as the best alternative to plastic crockery. It is made of natural resources such as bamboo and corn and provide a sound basis for a healthy lifestyle. The crockery made of corn and bamboo is more durable and are biodegradable.

DIY Kitchen Hacks for Everyday Features / Food / Tips & Tricks

Well! Being a foodie is a great thing and food gives us foodies the energy to think and prevent different problems we face while cooking. These problems cannot stand in our way to food, so let us see what we have: 1) Chocolate chips usually settle at the bottom of cupcakes. Add a little bit of all-purpose flour into chocolate chips and then mix in the cupcakes.

Kluchit Waffle Features / Food / Tips & Tricks

Cooking is an art that requires imagination and improvisation and the waffle irons, though underrated and unappreciated, top the list of must have kitchen hacks! ? If you’re one of those who think waffle irons have limited use, think again.


There’s nothing like easy to make, home-cooked food that is deliciously comforting at the same time and these DIY noodles fit the bill perfectly!....

Ainy Cooks Baked Scotch Eggs K-recipes

Did you have eggs for breakfast this morning? If you haven’t, it’s reason enough to try these tasty Scotch Eggs! Scotch eggs have been a British picnic classic for a long time but you can enjoy them at any time of the day. The most popular version is the fried one but I, on the other hand,

Serve The Sweets Right Features / Tools

Table manners are understated, yet important. Whenever we plan a lunch or dinner, etiquettes suggest that the table be set up before the arrival of the guests....

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