5 Ways to Utilize Discarded Utensils Food / Tools

Every now and then, you feel the need to throw out some of your old utensils but it tugs at your heart like nothing else. Team Kluchit gives you a few ideas which can help prevent you from throwing your favorite tools away.

7 Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Food / Tools

Cooking is hard enough but some creative hacks help you revamp your kitchen while decluttering it at the same time. Here are some of the ones Team Kluchit would like to share with you.

Tossing away your old dishes? Upcycle them instead! Food / Tools

Upcycling is a new trend which has been spreading like a conflagration. Instead of tossing away their old crockery, people are reusing them for fun DIY projects that have an air of quirkiness and originality to them. So don’t toss away your old mismatched china plates just yet....

Eco Friendly crockery – A smart choice Features / Food / Tools

Eco friendly crockery serves as the best alternative to plastic crockery. It is made of natural resources such as bamboo and corn and provide a sound basis for a healthy lifestyle. The crockery made of corn and bamboo is more durable and are biodegradable.

Serve The Sweets Right Features / Tools

Table manners are understated, yet important. Whenever we plan a lunch or dinner, etiquettes suggest that the table be set up before the arrival of the guests....