TakeAway-Sehri Special TakeAway

While going through 2 of the famous places in Lahore for desi cuisine, we met Chef Muhammad Naim at Gawalmandi and then Asad Sheikh. So lets see, TakeAway Sehri Special

Naan combos we love/hate Mashup

We know you're all about Nutella naan but have you ever considered giving these other popular combinations a try?

Delish’s melty cheesy goodness Reviews

Why? cause, core ingredients of Pizza are evil-ishly tasty but not that healthy. But then we got introduced to Delish Pizza situated DHA Y Block.

Kluchit meets Chef Naim Celeb Chefs

Presently, Chef Naim is one of the most valued and experienced chefs in Pakistan due to his extensive experience and proper training that he picked up from all around the world. However, his fame was not easy to attain, and he deserves every bit of it, given all the heart that he has put into his career.

Coke, Coffee or Chai? Food For Thought

Chai has been getting bullied by Nescafe and Coke recently and it's about time someone stood up for it. Team Kluchit took the plunge.

At last, a ‘chaat’ to remember Kluchit Says

To be honest, if anyone can define the true palate of Lahoris, that person would be massively mistaken. As someone dear said once, 'Lahore is gradually becoming a city of food places. The amount of restaurants opening and sadly closing, is way higher today then ever in the past'.

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