Pataka Boti – A must have for Desi Foodie! Featured Fav

It is rare that you see a different sort of a food place at a very different location. Food business was never for the faint hearted and always needed thorough research before starting it up. I saw this very bright yellow shop signboard with image of legendary Sultan Rahi, smack opposite to a Police Station in DHA Lahore…Pataka Boti.

Naan combos we love/hate Mashup

We know you're all about Nutella naan but have you ever considered giving these other popular combinations a try?

Delish’s melty cheesy goodness Reviews

Why? cause, core ingredients of Pizza are evil-ishly tasty but not that healthy. But then we got introduced to Delish Pizza situated DHA Y Block.

At last, a ‘chaat’ to remember Kluchit Says

To be honest, if anyone can define the true palate of Lahoris, that person would be massively mistaken. As someone dear said once, 'Lahore is gradually becoming a city of food places. The amount of restaurants opening and sadly closing, is way higher today then ever in the past'.

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