What not to order at Ole…. Food / Reviews

Team Kluchit recently visited Ole Lahore and would like to share its experience with you. Read on to find out whether its worth your time and money or not.

Your guide to the sassy food scene in Islamabad!! Food / Reviews

Everyone knows Islamabad to be this small quiet city where one can find every place easily, right? Wrong. There are many restaurants and cafes which are somewhat hidden to the eyes and taste buds of food lovers. Such is the case of Kohsar Market.

The worst burger joints in Lahore! Food / Reviews

Lahore is a city with an extremely rich food culture where food lovers are at no loss for satisfying their hunger, whether it just be for a nice juicy burger. Despite this, the places in this list have betrayed the local food trust and people should avoid them because the only thing that lies ahead is sheer disappointment.

Haute Cuisine – Movie Review Audience Appetizers / Reviews

Haute Cuisine or Les Saveurs du Palais (the original French title) is a French movie which was released in 2012. It is directed by Christian Vincent and stars Catherine Frot as the protagonist. Read on to find out whether Team Kluchit liked the movie or not!!

Cafe Palillos Food / Reviews

In a short span of time Cafe Palillos has firmly established itself as one of the best Chinese and Thai eateries in Lahore. The Kluchit Team decided to pay it a visit and find out whether the food was really worth the ravings that we had heard.

Biryani of the Seas!! Food / Reviews

Pakistan is a very diverse country which consists of several religions, ethnicities and social classes. Pakistanis love to disagree with each other on politics, sport and music – or anything else. There are a very few things which are capable of uniting Pakistanis – and biryani is one of them.

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