Cheeni Kum – Movie review Food / Reviews

Balki’s Cheeni Kum is not a typical Bollywood film. It’s a May-December love story. It shows the love between two mature people. Buddhadev, who is in autumn of his years, falls in love with Delhi-based Nina Varma who is in her 30’s.

Molten Lava Cake War Food / Reviews

For a chocolate lover, nothing could be better than a warm cake with a thick gooey chocolaty center. The Molten Lava Chocolate Cake is the most popular chocolate dessert globally, and it has its own cult following.

Café Page 102 Food / Reviews

Café Page 102, the new kid on the block promises a lot for the bookworms of the town. reviews the place for you.

DHA Food Festival Food / Kluchit Says / Reviews

DHA Food Festival was one of the most fun events of the season in Lahore. With Food & Festivities for every age group, the management was able to achieve a milestone for the foodies and general public alike.

Team Kluchit Raids BBQ Tonite Food / Kluchit Says / Reviews / What's Happening Now!

There is absolutely nothing like a restaurant serving steaming, hot dishes full of spices and aromas replicating the domestic goodness of the Pakistani households. BBQ Tonite is the patron of our native cuisine and visiting it indubitably revived our love for desi food.

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