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This is why Nanga Parbat is also named Killer Mountain!!! Travel Blogs

The Romanian climber Alex Gavan, who was attempting Nanga Parbat on Kinshofer route, abandoned his summit to lead the search of these missing climbers. A rescue operation through an army helicopter was conducted, Alex Gavan of which was part off. The rescue efforts were finally called off on 1st July after a final helicopter flight over the ridge on July 1.

Karakoram Highway: An Engineering Marvel Travel / Travel Blogs

A road that is considered the ‘Eight Wonder of the world.‘ A highway which highlights the heroics of those great workers, who gave their lives for completion of a daunting task. A journey passage that contains mesmerizing scenes and sites, which leaves one astounded. A travelling channel,

Commercialization: The New Face of Lahore Walled City Travel / Travel Blogs

Lahore Walled City, that undoubtedly holds a significant historical position has approximately transformed into an extensive wholesale market. But, this transformation is also evidence that Lahore Walled City is no longer a place preferred for living, as 65 to 70 percent local natives have shifted to various other parts of the city.

The young men who couldn’t drink tea. Travel / Travel Blogs

Rakaposhi astounded us in its beauty. As soon as the mountain loomed into view, we were stock stilled, silenced by the immense grandeur and absolute stillness of the landscape. I had never encountered such quiet grace. Asim nudged me, “Do you see that?” As if I could have missed something like that.

A trip to the mysterious  Grey House … Gypsy Tales / Travel / Travel Blogs

As the train halted to a stop at the Zamandir Station, Samara looked back as the sinister grey house with the long windows slowly pulled out of view. Intrigued, she pulled her hair into a pony tail, hitched the bag onto her shoulder and turned around. “You coming?”