Rafting: An Extreme Form of Sport Selected Sport / The Great Escapes

Looking for a sport which brings excitement and an adrenaline rush to both young and old individuals? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward, it is Rafting. An exciting white-water ride onboard an inflatable raft designed especially for this type of sport.

Hunza Valley – The Greatest Escape Adventure Travel / The Great Escapes

Hunza Valley, also known as Heaven on Earth, is a beautiful mountainous valley located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. It lies on the north-west of the Hunza River, and is surrounded by several high peaks including Rakaposhi, Hunza Peak, BojahagurDuanasir II, Darmyani Peak, Ghenta Sar, Ultar Sar and Ladyfinger Peak. The valley is famous for its breathtaking natural and scenic beauty. It is a major attraction for tourists from all over the world.

Outrun for London! Destinations / Travel

Your love for travel won’t go waste if you’ve toured none, but LONDON. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that London, the capital of United Kingdom, is the most admired tourist attraction of the world. Be it your love to trek the Royal metropolis or your childhood dream to see how the ‘London Bridge is falling down’; the core of the UK welcomes you anyway.

Shangrila Resort Skardu Resorts / Travel

The town of Skardu in Gilgit-Baltistan offers such spectacular views that it is sure to leave every tourist mesmerized. However, if you plan on visiting Skardu for a truly memorable trip, then Shangrila Resort provides you all the ingredients which one can hope for.

London – Home to the Queen Destinations / Travel

Situated on the River Thames in the South-East of England, London is a vibrant, multicultural and cosmopolitan city. London is alive with a wealth of arts, entertainment, cuisine, shopping, adventure and a lot more. Whether you are traveling with friends, family, or retreating to romance, you are surely going to have a unique experience in the city of London.

Top Five Potential Rafting Places in Pakistan Adventure Travel / Top 5 Bucket List / Travel

Pakistan is a country which is naturally blessed with great spans of water bodies, along with which there are vast mountain ranges which act as a source point to all of them. If we generally analyze some of the big and small rivers and streams in Pakistan, then one can easily see that they are tailor made for the sport of rafting. Unfortunately, it is among the most neglected sports in Pakistan. Just a little effort and focus is required, which could definitely make this country a popular rafting place locally and globally.

Introduction to Trekking Adventure Travel / Travel

The Himalayan region has the most picturesque and challenging trekking sites in the world, which are not only beautiful, but also very thrilling. The major trek routes of the area include Sandakphu Trek, Goechala Trek, Green Lake Trek and Yuksom Trek. The trek routes of this region give you an opportunity to witness panoramic vistas like the famous Sikkim and Darjeeling.

Top 6 Attractions of Istanbul Destinations / Travel

The aroma of antiquity and freshness of modernity perfectly merge across the largest city of Turkey, Istanbul. The whopping metropolis straddles East and West, by virtue of the nonpareil geographical aspect.

Top Five Places for Trekking in Pakistan Adventure Travel / Top 5 Bucket List / Travel

Shimshal Pass Trek Shimshal Pass 4,735 meters high, is located east of Pasu on the Karakoram Highway. The dramatically beautiful territory of Shimshal is home to some of the finest trekking in the Karakoram. Lying between the Karakoram Highway, the Chinese border and the northern margin of the Karakoram Range

Karakoram Highway: An Engineering Marvel Travel / Travel Blogs

A road that is considered the ‘Eight Wonder of the world.‘ A highway which highlights the heroics of those great workers, who gave their lives for completion of a daunting task. A journey passage that contains mesmerizing scenes and sites, which leaves one astounded. A travelling channel,

Top Five Valleys of Pakistan Bucket List / Resorts / Travel

The northern areas of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir region are blessed with some world’s most beautiful places, whose natural beauty cannot be described in words. Especially, the gorgeous valleys of these areas are something which leaves one spell bounded. Below are a list of top five valleys of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, which one should visit in his life.

Fairy Meadows; the amazing blend of beauty and adventure The Great Escapes / Travel

While planning a vacation one tries to find a place that has a mixture of everything, the comfort, the fun, the thrill, the romance and the adventure. Similarly, while planning a vacation to the ever increasingly beautiful northern areas of Pakistan that have a huge variety of geographical palates, one tends to find a bit of everything like forests, plains, rocky roads

Istanbul: The City of Two Continents Destinations / Target Station / Travel

Located in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul is one of the world’s great cities famous for its historical monuments and splendid scenic beauties. It is the city which spreads over two continents, lying at a point where Asia and Europe are separated by a narrow channel known as Boshphorus.

Islamabad Lake View Park Resorts / Travel

Lake View Park (additionally called Rawal Lake Park) is arranged on Murree-Islamabad Highway. While setting out from Islamabad to Murree a street turns right just before Barakahu and prompts this excellent park.

List of Gears for Trekking Adventure Travel / Gear / Travel

Trekking undoubtedly provides maximum amount of enjoyment to those who are adventure-lovers. Generally for trekking, one should be physically well-prepared. Swimming, running or other aerobic activity combined with strength exercises and stretching develop your stamina.

Commercialization: The New Face of Lahore Walled City Travel / Travel Blogs

Lahore Walled City, that undoubtedly holds a significant historical position has approximately transformed into an extensive wholesale market. But, this transformation is also evidence that Lahore Walled City is no longer a place preferred for living, as 65 to 70 percent local natives have shifted to various other parts of the city.

Landscape Photography Landscape / Pictorial / Travel

Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres for the photographer community. Saving the moment with scenic views of nature with your camera allows you to revisit places otherwise forgotten.

Top Five Heritage Sites of Lahore Bucket List / Travel

If you are looking for a hardcore cultural trip while in Pakistan, Lahore is the place to be. With its roots deep into history, Lahore took a cultural turn in the Mughal Era and most of the historical sites belong to the same era. Kluchit takes you to a trip deep down the cultural lane and visits the top 5 heritage sites of Lahore for you to read about and visit in these vacations.

Kalash – A Tale of Three Valleys of Pakistan Resorts / The Great Escapes / Travel

The beautiful valleys of Rumbur, Brumbret and Birir combine to form what the world know is Kalash or Kalasha. Located at an elevation of 5,476-7,576 feet and 32-36 Kilometers (20-22 miles) south of Chitral, Kalasha are a group of Dardic indigenous people. For more information on these beautiful indigenous people read on ...

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